Marching Snare


'Marching Snare' is an interactive music instrument application featuring marching snare drum.

You can play cool drum phrases interactively only by touching and dragging on screen.

Because 'Marching Snare' has excellent music engine, everyone can ad-lib musical drum phrases even he and she has no musical ability. Visual effect image animates moving by every beat not only pleasant but also helps you to feel the beat and rhythm naturally.

'Marching Snare' enables from infant to adult to enjoy ad-lib music, and is educationally useful for training  sense and music ability. Furthermore because only finger action is needed for ad-lib play this application will be helpful for handicapped people to do creative activities or rehabilitation.

By using multiple devices you can jam with your friends or by yourself using both hand.

Let's play cool drum phrases and enjoy ad-lib music together!

Enjoy cool ad-lib drum phrases!

The method for playing this interactive marching snare drum is very simple and easy. It is just only touching and dragging the main screen area freely by one finger or multiple fingers.

The play area is made up of 35 cells (7 rows and 5 columns). Each cell corresponds to an interactive drum phrase and belongs to one of 6  phrase groups illustrated bellow.                                                

A : Basic Pattern

B : Variation 1

C : Variation 2

D : Drag Variation

E : Flam Variation

F : Rim Tap

Some useful technics listed below will help your better ad-lib play.

1. Play the basic phrases

Touch and drag the center group A area up and down with one finger. Basic simple phrases will be heard.

For better ad-lib play listen to the phrases and beats carefully and match your finger movements with the rhythm.

Background animation is not only pleasant but also helps you to feel the beat. You can select one of three types of  animation on setting panel.

2. Adding the variation

You can play variation of the basic phrases on group B,C,D,E area. Touch and drag these areas up and down and check the phrase patterns. Mix the finger movements on these areas with the basic ones and enrich the sounds.

3. Rim tap play

You can play rim tap phrases by touching and dragging the uppermost group F area.

4. Multitouch play

Another way of playing is multitouch method. Using multiple fingers, multiple phrases can be easily switched rotationally.

5. Changing the tempo

Main tempo can be changed by adjusting tempo slider on setting panel. On main screen you can change temporary tempo from 50% to 200% by tapping right bottommost two buttons. Changed tempo percent is showed on the center bottommost area. To reset the temporary tempo tap the left bottommost tempo meter display.

6. How to change volume

Main sound volume can be changed by adjusting volume slider on setting panel.

When the accelerometer switch is set to ON, you can change the instrument volume while playing by tilting the iPhone like below.

How to play

7. How to prevent sleep

When  the prevent sleep switch on setting panel is set to ON, this application does not sleep.